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Admission Notice for 2022/2023

Dear Parents we are now taking applications for Junior Infants and other classes for 2022/2023. Please click on this link to see our Admission Notice and click here to order an Admission (Enrolment) form.

Dates for your Diary

  • Enrolling for next year (2022/2023): is currently underway. Please see above.
  • Parent Information meetings: see below.
  • Hallowe’en Fancy Dress Parade: Thursday 21st of October, 2021.
  • Parent’s Association AGM: Thursday 18th of November, 2021.
  • Parent/Teacher meetings : hopefully Thursday 18th of November.
  • Inservice Day for teachers: Monday 29th of November. School will be closed. This is now confirmed.
  • Carol Service – outdoors – (proposed date) Tuesday 14th of December @ 7.00 p.m. for all classes.
  • Christmas Holidays: Boys will get their holidays on the 22nd of December at 12.00 p.m. Return 5th Jan.
  • February Mid-Term Break: 24th and 25th.
  • St. Patrick’s Day and ..: Wednesday 17th March and Friday the 18th of March
  • Easter Holidays: Friday 8th of April at 12.00 p.m.. Return Monday 25th of April.
  • School Closed: Monday 2nd of May.
  • School Closed: Friday 3rd and Monday 6th of June.
  • Summer Musical: 15th, 16th and 17th of June or the following week.
  • Summer Holidays: Tuesday 28th June @ 12.00 p.m.
  • Sixth Class Party: to be decided.

Parent’s Information Meetings

On Thursday the 14th of October @ 7.30 p.m. the following Information Meetings will be held via Zoom:

  • Junior Infants Information Meeting (Ms. Marie Forristal). This meeting is for new parents to the school also, or you may prefer to go to your class teacher’s meeting. At the meeting, Ms. Marie Forristal (Class teacher), Ms. Orla O’Keeffe (SEN teacher), Ms. Niamh Whelton (SNA), Mr. Mark Griffin (Parent’s Association Chairperson?) and Mr. Barth Harrington will speak.
  • Senior Infants Meeting (Ms. Gillian Galvin)
  • Rang 1 (Ms. Kathryn O’Shea / Ms. Karen O’Regan)
  • Rang 2 (Mr. Paul Carmody)
  • Rang 2/3 (Ms. Laura Connolly)
  • Rang 4 (Mrs. Marie Hayes) postponed untl Thursday 21st of October.
  • Rang 5 A & B (Mr. Seán Daly and Ms. Marguerite Bradshaw)
  • Special Class Meetings (Miss Therese Crowley / Ms. Rachel Hodnett)

Seniors / 1st Meeting is on Tuesday 13th of October @ 7.00 p.m. via Zoom – please note change of time and date. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this error.

Rang 6 Parent’s Information Meeting will be held on Thursday 4th of November @ 7.30 p.m. via Zoom. This meeting is being held later than the others as we are awaiting news of the restarting of Sciath na Scol and Orienteering. We won’t know until the 22nd of October.

Parent’s Association AGM will be held in October. Thursday 18th of November. On the night we will also choose a parent – this time a mother – as a member of the Board of Management, as Mrs. Eileen Collins left the Board in June – as her son Michael went to Secondary School.

A Noticeboard Message will be sent out shortly before the meetings.  Soon after the meetings start – they will be locked – for security purposes.

For new parents and those not familiar with Zoom.  Please download Zoom (it’s free) on your computer / tablet or phone well in advance of the meeting.  Once you get the link then on Aladdin Noticeboard, just click the link and Zoom will open up.

Hallowe’en Fancy Dress Parade

Our Annual Fancy Dress Parade is being held on Thursday the 21st of October (not Friday as mentioned before). We are also holding a fundraising event for the Mercy Hospital – Heroes. You can contribute to this via Aladdin payments. €538.00 has been raised so far!

See photos of last year’s parade below:

Debating practice in Rang 6

This year 6th class are taking part in the inter schools debating competition. First of all we were told that  we were going to do debating and we were going  to be playing against the Timoleague. We were  all assigned to do a captain’s speech.  Ms.Mac Auley and Mrs. Hayes were the  adjudicators and they listened to all of our  debates then we were told who made the  team.The people who made the main team team were Harry, Richard H ,Adam, Patrick, Cullen and Paulos. Also the sub team are Richard K, Marwan, Isaac, Josh and Yousef. Then the real work started. The main team Richard,Harry and Adam had to all make a few rebuttals to see who was going to be the debating captain. The result was down to 1 point so the winner was Harry Ellis so let’s just say Harry had huge shoes to fill.On the 12th of October the main team will have a mock debate against Listellick School in Kerry on Zoom to prepare for the real debate against Timoleague which is taking place on the 20th of October. We all wish the debaters the best of Luck.

Sincerely 6th class   ZinZan Llewellwyn & Tony O’Keeffe

Rang 6 working in the garden

Enrolment | Community College dates

Please find below email from the Community College wrt 6th class pupils.

We are emailing you to explain our 1st year enrolment for your 6th class pupils for 2022-2023. We have taken the decision to hold our Open Night remotely this year on November 18th @ 7pm. A link will go live on our website at that time which we will also forward to you after the Open Night.

For now, here are the key dates for incoming 1st years 2022-2023:

8th November 2021Application process  opens on
18th November 2021Open Night ON LINE Nov 18th 2021 @ 7pm
29th November  2021    Application Process closes @ 4pm
20th  December 2021E mail offering a place in College by 20-12-2021
10th January 2022Confirmation of acceptance of offer
Feb 2022Assessment Process to be confirmed

We are currently updating our website to reflect our beautiful new building. The Year Head for next year is Denise Mc Carthy Walsh  and can be contacted on·  Supporting pupils with Educational Needs Co-ordinator  is Patricia O Connor – Our Annual Admissions Notice, Admissions Policy and Code of Behaviour are all available on

Orienteering update

Orienteering We have no updates on the school league yet. However Bishops town Orienteering club are organising family orienteering days and there are two coming up close to Clonakilty. The dates and link to the events are listed below in case any of the boys are interested. 1. Kilbrittain Woods on 17/10/2021. Starts at 10.30 am and the course is open until 1pm. They can just turn up and pay the entry fee and have a go at orientering. The link is below.

2. Inchydoney Beach / Sand Hills – 25/10/2021. Starts at 10.30 am and the course is open until 1pm. They can just turn up and pay the entry fee and have a go at orientering. The link is below.

Trying out new Yard Games

Rang 6 trying out new yard games.

GAA Prize Winners – U6 and U7

Chess starts again

Chess has started again for Rang 4 and Rang 5 A. Later in the year, Rang 5 B and Rang 6 will have their chance.

In Rang 4, 32 boys (out of 34) are doing chess. Many thanks to Ms. Gillian Galvin and Ms. Niamh Mac Auley for staying behind after school to teach chess to the boys.

JEP- Presentation to Ms. O’Regan

Hello everyone in Scoil na mBuachaillÍ we would like to tell you about our award in JEP. JEP is a programme for students to come together and make a mini company. Classes from all over Ireland would make loads of Ideas and then they would narrow it down to 4. Then the whole school would vote which is the number 1 business and of course for us the number 1 project was Celtic Clash. After a lot of thinking and head scratching we finally were ready. After multiple days of hard work we got a profit of €295 but thanks to Ms O’Regan she put in a fiver to make it €300 and it may not seem a lot but for us it’s millions. We all had so much fun doing JEP and we hope you do too. And remember rainy days will never be the same again….

We had an amazing JEP last year.  I remember when my pod and I were filming the first ad for Celtic Clash, We All Had so much fun, Not as much fun as We had during the entire JEP experience though. All Of us from 6th class want to send a huge Thank You, For Investing your own hard earned money, for setting up all the zoom classes including The Zoom We had with the girl school, The Zoom we had with business parents, The zoom with the Person From JEP

Vicki And the most important Zoom Call, Dragons Den. Thank You for not forgetting About our wages as well. We would also like to thank Mr. Harrington, Mrs. Connolly and all the other teachers who helped us through the amazing experience of JEP. Best Of Luck To The New 5th Class. 

-Cian Kelly O’Connell, Harry Ellis, Zinzan Llewellyn, Richard Kennedy, Paulos White and aAll of 6th Class.

First Holy Communion Ceremony

Many thanks to everyone who made the day such a great success – Monsignor O’Driscoll, Fr. Fergus Tuohy, Ms. Laura Connolly, Mrs. Elaine Connolly, Mr. Seán Daly, Mrs. Eileen O’Donovan and Ms. Regina Fitzgerald. Thanks to Jack Allen for looking after the sound and to Fionn McCarthy and Arab Tafazzal for setting it up.

Thanks to Mark Griffin and the Parent’s Association for presenting presents to the staff involved in the Communion.

Ice Cream for the boys

Many thanks to Mrs. Deirdre Allen who sponsored ice cream for the Holy Communion boys on the Friday before their big day. It was very much appreciated.

Mr. Tadhg O’Driscoll retires

Mr. O’Driscoll started here on the 3rd of September, 1981 and he is finishing, this Sunday – on the 3rd of October 2021 – exactly 40 years, 1 month teaching – all in SnB.

Over the years Mr. O’Driscoll taught 2nd/3rd, then 3rd class before moving into the SEN setting.  He has been in Resource, on a full-time basis since 1996.  In fact Mr. O’Driscoll was one on the very first Resource teachers in West Cork – if not the first!  Initially in the school we had one shared Learning Support teacher – with the convent and Mr. O’Driscoll, who was shared with Knockskeagh, Dararra and the Convent. 

Mr. O’Driscoll, being the first Resource teacher, had may visitors to the school – teachers and inspectors – all wanting to learn how to do the job.  He became chairperson of the West Cork Special Educational group.  He also travelled far and wide speaking about the Resource teacher’s job. Mr. O’Driscoll has been in charge of the Junior School Warden team for many years and has helped the children of SnB cross the road safely. He was also in charge of World Book Day in SnB. We wish him well in his retirement.

Junior Infants – Parachutes and Bulbs

The Junior Infant boys have been very busy this month. Here are some photos of the boys having fun with the parachute and planting some bulbs for Spring.

Rang 4 start Ukulele lessons

Many thanks to Mrs. Marie Hayes who has started ukulele lessons with Rang 4 this year. The school purchased 18 ukuleles during the summer and are going to purchase 5 more left hand ukuleles for the lefties in the class.

Conan coaches G.A.A.

Many thanks to Conan O’Donovan and Clonakilty GAA for their help with GAA coaching again this year.

Source to Sea – Art Winner

Congratulations to Jim Darren La Madrid who recently was one of the “Source to Sea” Art Competition Winners. Well done Jim! Many thanks to his teacher Mrs. Marie Hayes and to Ms. Orla O’Keeffe.

Basketball starts in SnB

Thanks to Mr. Seán Daly and Mr. Paul Carmody for training Rang 5 in Basketball each Tuesday after school. There are 38 pupils in Rang 5 participating in the Basketball league and 21 pupils from Rang 6.

Guinea Pigs’ Party

Making Guinea Pig masks in first class.This week some of the boys in first class were learning all about guinea pigs. They made guinea pigs masks and held a guinea pig birthday party with Ms. Fitzmaurice. Noah was out news reporter and reported about the party on the RTE news!We had great fun. 

Adverts – Emmet Hotel and Batemans Footwear

Facts of the Month

by Finn McCarthy Rang 5

1.There are 31,557,600 seconds in a year.
2. An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its whole brain.
3.kangaroos can’t walk backwards
4.French fries originated in Belgium not France.
5. Water covers 70% of the earth.

By Josh Wedlock, Rang 5

1 New car smell is the scent of dozens of chemicals. 

2 Goosebumps are meant to ward off predators 

3 Space smells like seared steak

4 Pineapples work as a natural meat tenderiser 

5 Cooper door knobs are self disenfecting

 6 The English word with the most definitions is  set. 

Gentleman & PenMan of the Month