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Parents Information Meetings

On Thursday the 14th of October @ 7.30 p.m. the following Information Meetings will be held via Zoom:

  • Junior Infants Information Meeting (Ms. Marie Forristal). This meeting is for new parents to the school also, or you may prefer to go to your class teacher’s meeting. At the meeting, Ms. Marie Forristal (Class teacher), Ms. Orla O’Keeffe (SEN teacher), Ms. Niamh Whelton (SNA), Mr. Mark Griffin (Parent’s Association Chairperson?) and Mr. Barth Harrington will speak.
  • Senior Infants Meeting (Ms. Gillian Galvin)
  • Rang 1 (Ms. Kathryn O’Shea / Ms. Karen O’Regan)
  • Rang 2 (Mr. Paul Carmody) *** not confirmed yet.
  • Rang 2/3 (Ms. Laura Connolly)
  • Rang 4 (Mrs. Marie Hayes)
  • Rang 5 A & B (Mr. Seán Daly and Ms. Marguerite Bradshaw)
  • Special Class Meetings (Miss Therese Crowley / Ms. Rachel Hodnett) *** not confirmed yet.

Seniors / 1st Meeting is on Tuesday 20th of October @ 7.30 p.m. via Zoom.

Rang 6 Parent’s Information Meeting will be held on Thursday 4th of November @ 7.30 p.m. via Zoom. This meeting is being held later than the others as we are awaiting news of the restarting of Sciath na Scol and Orienteering. We won’t know until the 22nd of October.

Parent’s Association AGM will be held in October. Date to be confirmed. On the night we will also choose a parent – this time a mother – as a member of the Board of Management, as Mrs. Eileen Collins left the Board in June – as her son Michael went to Secondary School.

A Noticeboard Message will be sent out shortly before the meetings.  Soon after the meetings start – they will be locked – for security purposes.

For new parents and those not familiar with Zoom.  Please download Zoom (it’s free) on your computer / tablet or phone well in advance of the meeting.  Once you get the link then on Aladdin Noticeboard, just click the link and Zoom will open up.

SFI – Discover Science, Maths and Engineering Award

Good news! We heard this morning that we have been awarded the SFI Discover Science and Maths Award for the school year 2020/2021. In June we submitted our log of evidence which displayed all the science, maths and engineering work we completed last year. Although it was a challenging year we managed to do so much thanks to all the hard work of staff and pupils. Our plaque of excellence will arrive in October and it will be displayed for all to see.

Here is some feedback from the judges who awarded the SFI Plaque of Excellence to the school.

Congratulations to all in Scoil na mBuachailli , Cloch na gCoillte on receiving your SFI Plaque of STEM Award 2020/21
It has been a challenging year for all of us and has impacted on our work goals. You used remote learning time eg. Scratch and of course you enjoyed PHOTON, the robot. Walking on air was successful since no balloons burst, the space books were well received. You took part in The Tree Council’s excellent webinar for Tree Week. We missed not getting photos of your garden to show off your good work. We look forward to your Log in 2022. Well done, thank you and keep up the good work.

Many thanks to all the staff who worked so hard during lockdown and in school to complete science, maths and engineering tasks with the boys. Many thanks to Ms. Regina Fitzmaurice for all her hard work in compiling the log of evidence.

Many thanks to Ethan Mc Auliffe Aherne, Paulos White and Paddy Kavanagh who spoke so well on the school intercom to tell all the pupils about our award.

Well done to everybody! We all look forward to another year of science, maths and engineering this year.

Hallowe’en Fancy Dress Parade

On Friday the 22nd of October our Annual Fancy Dress Parade will take place in the school. Boys may come to school dressed up or if they wish may get ready in the school.  However the infants should come to school dressed in their costume.

There is always an emphasis put on boys who make their own costume rather than buying one. If you would like to see what last  year’s parade was like  – just visit photos.  This year, as last year we are asking for boys to make a donation  to the Mercy Hospital Heroes Fundraising drive.  This can be done via the Aladdin App.

This year, as last year, we will hold the parade on the running track.

Chess, Basketball, Orienteering and Sciath na Scol

  • Chess is starting in the first week of October. 87 boys joined chess this year – the highest number ever. Due to Covid 19 protocols we will have to split the groups into 4 – 4th class, 5A, 5 B and 6th. We are unable to mix up the bubbles indoors.
  • Basketball started on the 28th of September for Rang 5 and on the 29th of September for Rang 6. Thanks to Mr. Seán Daly and Mr. Paul Carmody for their help with Basketball again this year.
  • Orienteering and Sciath na Scol: we have to wait until the end of October to see if these are going ahead this year.

School Fees – reminder

Please note: if  you have not paid your fees yet for Insurance, Rental Scheme, etc please do so as soon as possible.

We have noticed that a few parents have paid for Insurance twice –  the €6 and the €9.  We will refund the €6. f you make a mistake when paying and pay for the wrong thing, please let us know and we will fix it.

Important:  If you are experiencing any difficulty in paying the fees contact Barth Harrington (Príomhoide) at the school immediately for assistance. Music Lessons: If you would like your son to take lessons and the price is prohibitive please contact Barth Harrington in confidence and we will try to assist. 

Shoebox Appeal for Christmas

This year  you  can donate a shoebox online.  This is the address

Support Teaching – explained

Literacy Lift Off has started.

Learning Support classes in literacy and numeracy have also started.  The teachers involved help boys who may be experiencing difficulty in literacy and numeracy.  This year the maximum number in a group is 4 – the SET rooms all have Perspex screens installed.

Our Reading Recovery teacher is able to take 4 children (each for approx. 20 weeks – 5 days a week).  These children are usually from Rang 1 and Senior Infants.

EAL: Our EAL teachers – support  children who have little or no English in all classes – depending on the needs of the children.

Resource: Our resource teachers support children with specific needs and we are implementing the new model at present.  It is proving to be very challenging as we have more children to cater for and yet our hours are the same!

Maths for Fun: for Rang 1 has started.

Dyslexia Groups: we have set up 1 group this year.

F.M.S. / G.M.S.: again this year we have set up Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor Skills groups.

Wardens – note for parents

Dear Parents,
A Timely Reminder:

With the start of the new school year it is appropriate to be ever vigilant and conscious of road safety.

Please remind yourself and your child of the following, where appropriate-

The wardens will be on duty every evening at 3 ‘o clock unless conditions are unsafe or extremely bad.  If they are not on duty Mr. O’Driscoll will always try and be there to help an orderly exit and crossing.

There is a ZEBRA CROSSING there so always use it!

Children on their own, or with an adult, should never cross the road anywhere else.

Even if the wardens aren’t on duty, still use it.

If a child is on its own and is crossing at the zebra crossing and no wardens are on duty, they must still use the Safe Cross Code to be safe, a driver may not always stop to allow safe passage and remember that the crossing in itself does not guarantee automatic safety by walking or running across without due care.

Do not lead a child across from between parked cars, it is exceptionally dangerous and may encourage other children to do the same, on their own, with possible disastrous consequences. There are still a few adults doing this so please…..!

Never park on the double yellow lines and impede the view of the wardens. This could lead to an accident.

Sincere thanks and well done to all who have made the crossing at O’Rahily Street so much safer and more organised in recent years.

Remember also about road safety whatever route your child takes to or from school and by whatever means.

All classes will be taught and reminded of all aspects of road safety throughout the year.

High Vis jackets will be given out to the Junior Infants courtesy of the Road Safety Authority.

Many thanks to Mr. Tadhg O’Driscoll for training and looking after the Warden team on a daily basis throughout the year.  A special thanks to Mr. Chris Hinchy for his help in training the teams. Thanks to our SEN team, who are taking over the warden scheme in October, when Mr. O’Driscoll retires.

Roots of Empathy – looking for a baby!

Roots of Empathy is a primary school programme. The aim of the programme is to increase empathy. Children learn to care for each other, leading to less bullying and aggression.

As part of the programme, a baby with one or both parents visit the classroom, 9 times over a school year. Due to Covid 19 – these visits may be virtual.

If you have a new baby (aged between 2 and 4 months) or know someone who would be interested in taking part – please click here for further information or ring 023 8834487 to speak to Mrs. Elaine Connolly.

Rental Scheme

For the scheme to continue to be a success it is very important to take very good care of the books you rent.  These books will be needed again next year.  Parents should check up on these books regularly.  Any book that is lost or damaged will have to be replaced by the child. We have just spent over €5,000 on Rental Scheme books in September! So please, please take care of your books.

The Rental Fee this year and last year did not cover the cost of the books, as we had to buy so many new book schemes for the past 2 years.

Please look after the Literacy Lift Off books also and return on time.



Now that children are back in school, please be vigilant and check your child’s hair regularly for headlice.  If you find any please notify the school and we will send a Noticeboard Message to all parents in that class.

Croke Park Hours Usage

As part of the Croke Park Agreement schools are requested to publicise use of hours in the school year 2020/2021.  Usage was as follows: (All figures below are approximate)

School Planning 42%,

Policy Development 33%,

Staff Meetings 25%,

The staff stay after school –  usually on Mondays as part of the Croke Park agreement. 

Of course many staff members stay back after school on every other day of the week also planning and doing extra curricular activities but these hours are not shown above.

Christmas Magazine 2021

Work is just getting underway on this year’s Christmas  Magazine. 

As was the case last year, local businesses can place advertisements in the magazine.  Advertisements are priced as follows:

  • Half-page: €20
  • Whole page: €40

The magazine is in the same format as last year – that is A5 size.  Money raised by advertisements last year was spent on our computer network – used by all in the school.  This has become an invaluable source of revenue to the school – it was also used to repair and purchase computers  for the school.  This year the cost of running the school has increased considerably. Although we got grants for Covid-19, they won’t be enough to cover the costs.

Please place your advertisement by contacting Thelma at the school at 023-8834487/or send in a note with your child, as soon as you can and a space will be booked for you. 

Please order your copy today, it’s only €5.00 – we have 150 orders already!!

Confirmation 2021

Congratulations to everyone who made their confirmation on September 19th, 2021. Many thanks to Ms. Niamh MacAuley, Mrs. Elaine Connolly, Monsignor Aidan O’Driscoll, Fr. Fergus Tuohy and Mrs. Noreen Minihan. Well done to the choir and cajun player and sound crew – they did a great job!

Clon Guitar Festival

Thanks to Ray Blackwell and Kevin McAnally for organising the Guitar Festival again this year. It was on a big screen in the school yard. Scoilavision bands took centre stage!

Senior Infants – Sense tests

Senior Infants Making Sense! The boys in Senior Infants have been busy learning all about the different senses. Recently, they put their smell and taste senses to the test. They made some fantastic predictions in the smell test and were very eager to try everything in the taste test. 

First Day at School

Please see below photographs of new children to Scoil na mBuachaillí. Click on the image to enlarge.

Junior Infants and Older Children Montage

We have created a montage of your child’s first day at school. If you would like one (free) please tick the Permission App on Aladdin and we will print them out for you. Final date for ticking the App is the 17th of September. The montages will be available after that date. (see below)

First Holy Communion & Confirmation Update

We are looking forward to your son receiving his Communion this coming Sunday 3rd September at 1:30 pm.  Due to the current advice there are a number of restrictions to be aware of on the day.

  1.  The church will open from 1:00 pm and seats are not allocated or reserved. 
  2. Maximum of 8 people per family –  this includes the child – allowed into the church
  3. Photos are not permitted after the ceremony as there is another ceremony at 3:30 pm.
  4. Pupils will go to the altar to receive communion.
  5. Everyone over the age of 12 is required to wear a mask.
  6. There are a small number of boys who are providing music on the day. They are singing from the side altar (left hand side as you look at the altar.) Seats will be reserved for their families near them. These are the only seats that will be reserved.

We look forward to celebrating this long awaited day with your son. 

First Holy Communion (second class 2020) is due to be held on October 3rd @ 1.30 pm.
First Holy Communion (second class 2021) is due to be held in May 2022.

Children who were baptised outside of the parish of Clonakilty will have to send in a copy of their Baptismal Certificate (unless you have already done so). Please send in this certificate as soon as you can. Children in other classes who have not sent in their Baptismal Certificate can do so at any time – it will be photocopied and the original returned immediately. For children in Junior Infants it is the ideal opportunity to locate and send in your Baptismal Certificate – we won’t have to ask for it ever again.

Confirmation: for Rang 5 (2020) and Rang 6 (2020) was held on the 19th of September, Rang 5 and Rang 6 both now @ 1.30 p.m.

Maximum of eight people per family – (this includes the child who is making Confirmation and Communion. Please click here to see the letter from Monsignor Aidan about the wearing of masks, procedures etc.

Singing outside – Rang 2

Please click on an image to enlarge it.

Below you can see Rang 2 singing with their teacher Mr. Carmody, outside their classroom, due to Covid rules.

Rugby with Finbarr O’Regan

Please click on an image to enlarge it.

Lego in Rang 1

Please click on an image to enlarge it.

SnB return to the pool

We returned to Swimming Lessons on Friday 3rd of September for the first time since last September (2020). Although the children have to get changed on the deck, everything else was normal and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their first day.

Zumba with Flav returns – outside

Zumba with Flav started in early September. It was enjoyed by all – as you can see below. This year due to Covid – we did it outside.

Dates for your Diary

  • Musicenrolling for the first term in this school year is now finished. Enrolment for Term 2 will be held later and a notice will be sent via Aladdin.
  • Parent’s Meetings: Information Meetings for parents in October. These will be done via Zoom. See above for more details.
  • The AGM of the Parent’s Association will be held in October. On the night we will choose a mother for the Board of Management as Mrs. Eileen Collins’ Michael has now moved on to the Secondary School.
  • Mid-Term Break: Monday 25th to Friday 29th of October inclusive.
  • Parent/Teacher meetings : hopefully Thursday 18th of November.
  • Christmas Holidays: Boys will get their holidays on the 22nd of December at 12.00 p.m. Return 5th Jan.
  • February Mid-Term Break: 24th and 25th.
  • St. Patrick’s Day and ..: Wednesday 17th March and Friday the 18th of March
  • Easter Holidays: Friday 8th of April at 12.00 p.m.. Return Monday 25th of April.
  • School Closed: Monday 2nd of May.
  • School Closed: Friday 3rd and Monday 6th of June.
  • Summer Musical: 15th, 16th and 17th of June or the following week.
  • Summer Holidays: Tuesday 28th June @ 12.00 p.m.
  • Sixth Class Party: to be decided.

Facts of the Month

by Finn McCarthy Rang 5

1. The average yawn lasts six seconds. 2. Bees are found everywhere in the world apart from Antarctica. 3. Horses and Cows sleep standing up. 4. Kangaroos can’t walk backwards. 5. Number four is the only number with the same amount of letters. 6.  The Queen of England has two birthdays.

By Josh Wedlock, Rang 5 – October 2021

1 The world wastes  about I billion tons of food each year. 
2 The first potato was planted in Cork by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1588
3 Many feet bones don’t harden until you are an adult.
4 Cotton candy was invented by a dentist!
5 You loose up to 30% of your taste during a flight
6 Rabbits can’t puke!

Gentleman & PenMan of the Month

PenMan of the Week

Adverts – Emmet Hotel and Batemans Footwear


If you would like to book an ad for the coming school year 2021 – 2022 please let Noreen know as soon as possible.  The number of ads is limited.  Our Links goes to all parents in the school – 10 times a year – at the beginning of each month. Now due to the fact that it’s online many more people will view the Links. The cost is €20 per issue or at a discount of €150 for the entire year!  Please ring 8834487 if you are interested.

“Cent” Box – Thorntree Project

“Cent” boxes will continue this year in a different format due to Covid-19.
Rang 5 A (Ms. Marguerite Bradshaw) and 5 B (Mr. Seán Daly) will be in charge of this and will inform you later of how it will be organised. We have been assisting the Thorntree Project since 2015, when we release a Christmas single “Butterfly Child”. Please support this worthy cause, when asked to do so.

Nut Allergy – IMPORTANT!

Quite a significant number of boys in our school are allergic to nuts and for them any contact with nuts or products containing traces of nuts can be dangerous for example NUTELLA or Peanut Butter!!!!
Please be aware of this when organising your child’s lunch and DO NOT allow your child to bring anything containing nuts to school. Your help in this matter is very much appreciated.

Please give your children water to drink coming to school – not sweet or fizzy drinks.

School Fees 2021/2022

Dear Parents, please find the list of fees for the coming year.

Music enrolment is only by the App again this year.

Guitar Rental is the same as last year. The fee for Renting the Guitar is €50. At the end of the year we will return the money to you, once the guitar has been looked after.

Closing date for all fees please is Thursday 30th of September 2021 (except for Milk and Swimming which are due on their due dates).
If you are worried about any of the fees below – please don’t worry!
Contact Barth Harrington on 023 8834487 to discuss the matter.
Art and Craft (all classes): €12.00
French Lessons Term 2 (Rang 2 – Rang 6): €8.00
Photocopying & Printing (all classes): €20.00
Rental Scheme (Rang 1 – Rang 6): €30.00
Swimming (Rang 1 – Rang 6): €47.00
Drama (all classes): €2.00 *
Elocution (all classes): €7.50 *
French Lessons Term 1 (Rang 2 – Rang 6): €8.00 *
Zumba dancing (Special classes, Junior Infants – Rang 2/3): €5.00 *

* items marked with * will not show up on your Aladdin App if you paid for them last year.
Allianz Pupil Personal Accident Insurance- School hours only: €6.00
Allianz Pupil Personal Accident Insurance- 24 hours: €9.00
Christmas Magazine 2021/2022: €5.00 (all classes)
Milk Term 1 | September – Christmas 2021 (All Classes): €11.16
Milk Term 2 | January – Easter 2022 (All Classes): €10.80
Milk Term 3 | April – June 20202 (All Classes) | €6.84
Music Lessons (Optional)
Music enrolment for 2021 /2022 Term 1 (these lessons are optional) Please note: your child can only study 2 instruments maximum.

Drum Lessons with Laurie Hedger (Rang 3 – Rang 6): €40
Brass Instruments with Adrian Hanley (the instrument will be supplied to the child) (Rang 3 – Rang 6): €150
Kay O’Flynn: Guitar (Rang 2 – Rang 6): €80
Kay O’Flynn: Keyboard (Rang 2 – Rang 6): €80
Kay O’Flynn: Tin Whistle (Senior Infants – Rang 6): €80
Kay O’Flynn: Accordion (Individual lessons): (Rang 2 – Rang 6): €110

Following the surveys we conducted in 2019 with regard to music in our school,
the Parent’s Association and the B.O.M. have put aside money for parents who may find the cost of the Music Lessons prohibitive.  Please contact Barth Harrington about this on 023 8834487.
Also money is available to purchase instruments which can be loaned to children.  Many thanks to the P.A. and B.O.M. for this.  We purchased 12 guitars for the scheme.  These guitars are excellent and will have to be cared for by the boys.  A deposit of €50 will be taken and returned at the end of the year, once the guitar has been looked after.

Adverts – Old Brewery Montessori School, Clonakilty & Clonakilty Park Hotel

Contact Numbers

If you have moved, changed phone/mobile numbers or changed doctor or emergency contact person or got a new email address – please update these details on the Aladdin App yourself so that we can contact you in case of emergency. You can do this yourself, there is no need to ring in, just change it on the App and we will be notified automatically.

We will no longer be sending texts to parents – we will just use the Aladdin app.

Recycling – Green Waste

Over the past few years we have tried – in vain – to recycle our Green Waste and unfortunately it hasn’t worked out, probably because the only waste was fruit.
The Recycling bins have being attracting visitors that we don’t want! Because of this we are asking boys to bring home their apple cores, banana skins (organic waste) etc from now on.

Tin foil and uneaten lunches will be brought home also. Many thanks for your cooperation.

Can Can-Paign

All cans gratefully received. Please contact Ms. Regina Fitzmaurice if you have any query re. this matter. Many thanks to Ms. Fitzmaurice.
She and 6th class will also look after the school garden and glasshouse. The money that is collected by this scheme is used in the school garden.
Thanks to Ehan and Ahmadi for looking after the cans this coming year.

What’s going on? … in school and extra-curricular activities.

Basketball 21/22: Basketball training will start on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the end of September / early October. Thanks to Ms. Carol Anne O’Donovan / Seán Daly / Paul Carmody for assisting again with Basketball this year. This year it have to be run as last year – Tuesday will be for Rang 5 / Thursday will be for Rang 6.

Quizzard ‘21/22: will start in November. Classes from Rang 3 – Rang 6 will be participating. Last year we only managed to do a few rounds, outside in the yard but we are hoping to complete it in the coming year. Cillian Whooley and Pearse Nolan are in charge of the Quiz this year.

Chess: will start in September. Boys in Rang 4, Rang 5 and Rang 6 may participate. It will run on Tuesdays and Wednesday after school. We hope to start before the end of September and end before Easter.
Thanks to Ms. Niamh Mac Auley for her help with the players. Thanks to Ms. Gillian Galvin for her help with the Learners Chess Club.

Soccer Competitions

Senior Infants Soccer
Held on Fridays only
Rang 1
Held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Teams are on website.
Rang 2
Held on Mondays / Wednesday – depending on what team you are on. Teams are on the website.
Rang 2/3
Held on Mondays. Teams are on website.
Rang 4
Held on Tuesdays. Teams are on website.
Rang 5
Held on Wednesdays. Teams are on website.
Rang 6
Held on Thursdays. Teams are on website.

Multi-Media Authoring / Video Editing / Computer Lessons / Coderdojo – for Rang 2, Rang 3, Rang 4, Rang 5 and Rang 6 will hopefully start this year. Thanks to Mrs. Margaret Deegan for hopefully teaching Coder Dojo to Rang 2 each week.

Swimming: for Rang2/3 – starts on 4th of September until the 8th of October.

Wardens – every year Rang 6 act as School Wardens. This year we’re not sure what’s going to happen. We’ll keep you informed.

GAA – Conan O’Donovan on Wednesdays.
Rugby – Finbarr O’Mahony on Fridays. Finbarr is starting on September 3rd until the October break.

Sciath na Scol Competitions – we’re not sure what’s going to happen with Sciath na Scol this year. We’ll let you know as soon as we know.

P.E. / Soccer Timetable

Junior Infants (Mrs. Marie Forristal)Not applicableMondays and Thursdays
Senior Infants (Ms. Gillian Galvin)FridaysWednesdays and Fridays
Senior Infants / Rang 1 (Ms. Michelle O’Neill)Fridays for Seniors
Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1st
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Rang 1 (Ms. Kathryn O’Shea / Ms. Karen O’ReganTuesdays and ThursdaysTuesdays and Fridays
Rang 2 (Mr. Paul Carmody)Mondays and WednesdaysMondays and Thursdays
Rang 2 / 3 (Ms. Carol Ann O’Donovan / Ms. Laura Connolly)MondaysMondays and Fridays
Rang 4 (Mrs. Marie Hayes)TuesdaysTuesdays
Rang 5 A (Ms. Marguerite Bradshaw)WednesdaysTuesdays and Wednesdays
Rang 5 B (Mr. Seán Daly)WednesdaysMondays and Fridays
Rang 6 (Ms. Niamh Mac Auley)ThursdaysTuesdays and Thursdays
This timetable may be updated in September 2021

Extra-Curricular Permission Notes – e.g. Chess, Basketball etc

Please note the only way to join up for Chess, Basketball, Sciath na Scol etc is to tick the Permission App on Aladdin. What you find below is just pdfs of the Permission Notes.
Chess Note for Learner’s Chess – Please click here.
Chess Note for Player’s Chess – Please click here.
Basketball Note – Please click here.
Warden Permission Note – Please click here.
RSE Permission Note for all classes – Please click here.
Sciath na Scol notes for Rang 5 and Rang 6. Please click here.
Swimming Note for Rang 2-3. Please click here.
Altar Permission Notes. Please click here.
Allianz Pupil’s Personal Accident Note. Please click here.

Roots of Empathy

Roots of Empathy is an international, universal,  evidence-based, classroom programme that has shown dramatic effect in reducing aggression among school children while raising social/emotional competence and increasing empathy. Barnardos was chosen as the lead agency to deliver the programme in Ireland in 2011.
The programme has been delivered in a hundred and thirty primary schools around Ireland with a small number of schools in Cork and Waterford already participating. As a result of support from the Tomar Trust, Barnardos is now in a position to roll out the programme in West Cork & Waterford schools. They are currently developing a three year plan to involve schools in Cork and Waterford in the Roots of Empathy programme. We have been chosen as one of the West Cork Schools and will be implementing the programme this coming year. Please note Covid-19 may change these plans.

FAQs – Covid -19 – Return to school September 2021

Please check last months Links 27.01 | September

Children cannot be allowed to enter the school building without the Completed Declaration.

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