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Admission Notice for 2022/2023

Dear Parents we are now taking applications for Junior Infants and other classes for 2022/2023. Please click on this link to see our Admission Notice and click here to order an Admission (Enrolment) form.

Dates for your Diary

  • Enrolling for next year (2022/2023): is currently underway. Please see above.
  • Inservice Day for teachers: Monday 29th of November. School will be closed. This is now confirmed.
  • GAA Christmas Mass – Thursday 2nd of December @ 7.00 p.m. in the Parish Church. This will only be for one class bubble unfortunately, due to Covid Restrictions.
  • Carol Service – outdoors – (proposed date) Tuesday 14th of December @ 7.00 p.m. for all classes.
  • Christmas Holidays: Boys will get their holidays on the 22nd of December at 12.00 p.m. Return 5th Jan.
  • February Mid-Term Break: 24th and 25th.
  • St. Patrick’s Day and ..: Wednesday 17th March and Friday the 18th of March
  • Easter Holidays: Friday 8th of April at 12.00 p.m.. Return Monday 25th of April.
  • School Closed: Monday 2nd of May.
  • School Closed: Friday 3rd and Monday 6th of June.
  • Summer Musical: 15th, 16th and 17th of June or the following week.
  • Summer Holidays: Tuesday 28th June @ 12.00 p.m.
  • Sixth Class Party: to be decided.
  • Old Diary Dates
  • Hallowe’en Fancy Dress Parade: Friday 5th of November.
  • Parent Information meetings: the 6th class meeting was held on Thursday 11th of November @ 7.30 p.m.
  • Parent’s Association AGM: Thursday 18th of November, 2021 @ 7.30 p.m. – at this meeting we will choose a mother to replace Mrs. Eileen Collins, whose son Michael went to the Community College in September.
  • Parent/Teacher meetings : the proposed date is Thursday 18th of November. However in reality the meetings usually take place over a few days. The meetings will not be held face to face but by telephone or Zoom. After the mid term break (after our staff meeting on the 3rd of November) we will organise appointments via Aladdin. Parents can then book the slot that suits them. More details later.

Below you can see the most up to date calendar with the swimming changes included also.

Green and Red Day

Everyone dressed up on Friday 26th of November to wish our team well in the County Final.

Examiner visits SnB for County Final

Fr. Fergus joins in for Carol Practice

Round 2 Debating Win

 Round Two Debating Win!!

When we found out what the motion for debating was, the people on the debating team got to try out for the debating team again. The three people on it had to try and defend their title.  After that the three people on the team were Adam Lucy, Richard Hancock, and Patrick Sloan. On the day they were going up against Lisheen National School and the motion was:   

“Billionaires should not go to space”.   We had a practice round with school in Kerry. We also helped them prepare for their debate topic Tik Tok does more harm than good to children’s confidence. We had a specialized team for this friendly debate. The team was Yousef as captain Richard Kennedy and Isaac Wade.  They gave valuable tips to Listellick in Kerry with helped them succeed in progressing to their debate.

 Back to our debate for competition.  ‘Billionaires should not go into space’ Our team was opposing the motion with Adam Lucy as the captain, Richard Hancock as the 2nd speaker and Patrick Sloan  as the 3rd speaker. They were ready to go. During the debate it was so tight we didn’t know who was going to win. At the end the adjudicator counted up the points and after her speech. She said that we won and everyone went mad. Hopefully we will be writing another article to tell you how we won the next round!! We would like to thank Ms Fitzmaurice and her student who listened to us and gave us tips. Also to Mrs. Hayes who adjudicated our Mock debate that we held with our main and sub team of Harry Ellis, Cullen Kearns and Josh Khan. Thank you to the boys for putting forward great arguments that really helped us prepare.

Thank you.

Global Classrooms – with Dubai

Dubai Zoom  with JSS Private School for The Global Classrooms Project!

For the global classrooms project, we were partnered with JSS Private school in Dubai.  On Wednesday we came to school early because Dubai is four hours ahead of us.  First, we each told them one thing about our school.  Ms Mac Auley used a power point with pictures on the board as we explained about our school. We told them about the sports, debating, school uniform , foosball, pingpong, GAA , Thorntree project,  soccer , wardens, our music room , running track , black book, basketball, JEP, the kiln, Scoilavision, gardening, rugby, GOTW, swimming, surfing /kayaking, Chess and Zumba  just to name a few activites in school. 

Then they each told us about their school and their experience at school and surprisingly, their school was very similar to ours.  They have P.E on Tuesday and Thursday, just like us and they also have a music room, Lego and an art room.  The only thing we wish we had that they had was a swimming pool!  We are hopefully going to do another zoom with them around Christmas time as well.  And we also have penpals who we have written letters for which we will send to Dubai and they will send letters back!

County Final

Science Week in Junior Infants

Junior Infants have spent the last few weeks investigating food during Science Week, Aistear and Food Dudes. We looked at healthy and unhealthy foods. We investigated our taste buds by tasting sour, sweet, bitter and salty foods. We tried some healthy fruit and vegetables. We did some experiments with food-we made a Skittles rainbow, an explosion using Coke and Mentos, we danced along with some raisins and made a giant jelly baby by soaking it in water! In Aistear the boys have had fun making some prints using food and setting up a restaurant.

Blowing Bubbles

Getting Ready for Round 2 Debating

Parent’s Association sponsor Foosball table for the Senior Yard

Thanks to our Parent’s Association who recently sponsored an outdoor Foosball table for the Senior Yard.

Presentation to Mr. Seán Daly

Best wishes to Mr. Seán Daly, who is getting married on next Friday 19th of November. Presentation from the staff, Board of Management and the Parent’s Association were made on the day.

Food Dudes

Many thanks to Ms. Orla O’Keeffe for organising Food Dudes again this year in SnB.

Ms. Galvin’s class also made smoothies with the left over fruit on Friday.

Making sandwiches

The boys from 2nd/3rd class were learning about procedural writing this week with Ms O’Sullivan and the topic was “How to make a sandwich”. The chosen type of sandwich was a

“Rasher Sandwich” When the boys had the procedure wrote out they got the opportunity to make their own one and as you can see from the pictures they went down a treat!”

New Benches on yards

1st class very excited about delivered benches today!


In 5A, we learned all about climate change and what was taking place in the COP26 summit in Glasgow. We learned about the promises that the countries are making to reduce the change in global temperature in the future. We decided to create our own ‘Sustainable Islands’ to see what an ideal world might look like. We thought about the different sustainable ways to power our islands and how the people living on them might live more sustainably than we do. We came up with some great ideas that we hope we will see in our lives in the near future! 

Lighthouses – Rang 5 B

Rang 5 have been busy making lighthouses recently. They also created circuits with switches, batteries and lights.

Science Week

Ms. Hodnett’s and Ms. Crowley’s class experimenting for Science Week, 4th class making gliders for science week, Rang 6 making volcanoes and lava lamps. Science Week in Senior Infants was most definitely one of the most exciting weeks of the school calendar. From explosions and investigations, to baking, the excitement amongst the student was immense. Roll on Science Week 2022!