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School Tours for all classes

  • ASD Classes: Ms. Róisín O’Brien & Ms. Therese Crowley: Railway village on the 2nd of June. The railway village is offering all ASD students this free of charge. We will be collected at 09.30hrs by the train.
  • Junior Infants, Senior Infants: Thursday the 9th of June. We are walking down to the Model Village, arriving for 10:30. We will take the train down to Inchydoney at 12:00. Parents are to collect their children from the beach at 2:00. Total cost: €7.
  • Rang 1: 1st Class Tour Thursday 9th of June– Day in Castlefeake beach. Price €8.00 for meal and icecream.
  • Rang 2/3 and Rang 2 are going together: Clonakilty Park Cinema and the crazy golf course on the 2nd of June (to be confirmed). It will cost €9 per child for the two activities and they also get popcorn and a drink. No bus required as we can walk up. We will leave at 10:30 and will be back before 3pm.
  • Rang 4: Destination: Zip It – Farran Forest Park. Date: Wednesday 1st June. Cost: €30 paid by Saving Stamps.
  • Rang 5: Kayaking: 26th / 27th of May in Reen Pier. Brought to and from Reen Pier by Parents. Price €50: paid by Saving Stamps.
  • Rang 6: Surfing: Thursday 26th of May Price €? – paid by Saving Stamps.

Kayaking in Reen Pier


Alex, Malachy and Mikel with the dreamcatchers they made with Ms O’Keeffe.

Macbeth – a sneak preview

Thank you to Ms. Laura Connolly for making this wonderful teaser.

Macbeth – Scoil na mBuachaillí (c) 2022

SnB raises our sixth Green Flag

Congratulations to everyone involved in getting our 6th Green Flag. Many thanks to the Green School’s Committee lead by Ms. Niamh Mac Auley, who worked tirelessly to achieve this flag.

Junior Infants are gardening

The boys in Junior Infants were very happy to receive some wild flower seedbombs from Seedbombs Ireland recently. We had great fun examining the seedbombs, soaking them overnight and then planting them the next day. Many thanks to Paula O’ Donovan for letting us know about the Seedbomb giveaway, to Susan for preparing the bed and to Seán, Oran and Sam for helping us plant the seeds. We look forward to seeing what will grow!

When Harry met Haulie

When Harry Met ….. Mike ‘Haulie’ O’Neill

On Wednesday 20th April, 2022, I visited Mike ‘Haulie’ O’Neill at his home in Clonakilty. Mike and his wife Marie own the artisan butcher shop MJ O’Neills on Pearse Street. It started as a pub and butcher in 1914, before Mikes father Haulie and his wife Eileen decided to focus on the meat side of the business. In his spare time, Mike manages the Clonakilty senior GAA team, and is also father to Ms. O’Neill in Scoil na mBuachailli. Here is my interview with Haulie.

HARRY: What was your favorite toy when you were young?

HAULIE: A model railway train that went around in a circle

HARRY: What sports did you play?

HAULIE: I played football, hurling, soccer, and a little bit of basketball and volleyball.

HARRY: What is your favorite food and drink?

HAULIE: My favorite food is lamb chops cooked in the oven, and my favorite drink at this stage I suppose is water.

HARRY: What do you do in your spare time?

HAULIE: Most people would say I sleep, but I like to run and walk, and be involved in football.

HARRY: Who is your favorite football player of all time?

HAULIE: That is a tough question Harry. I’d say Gordon Banks, who was a goalkeeper with the Stoke and England football teams a long time ago. He won the World Cup with England in 1966.

HARRY: What is your best sporting memory?

HAULIE: I have two. Imperial Call winning the Gold Cup horse race at Cheltenham, and Clonakilty winning the Cork County championship in 1996.

HARRY: When did you become a butcher?

HAULIE: I helped in the shop when I was small, and I became a butcher when I was 19.

HARRY: What do you like about being a butcher?

HAULIE: I like meeting people and talking to them.

HARRY: Where do you see butchers in 40 years? Will meat be growing on trees?

HAULIE: Absolutely! Ooh – that’s a tough question. I suppose it will be very artisan. There won’t be many craft butchers, where people are willing to pay the price for a quality product.

HARRY: What worries you?

HAULIE: At this point in time, the war in Ukraine worries me. Other than that, what worries me, I suppose global warming.

HARRY: Is the future for Clonakilty GAA bright?

HAULIE: Yes. Because of the young people involved, and the young talent that is growing up, and the amount of people that are working with and developing the young people.

HARRY: This is my last question. It’s my signature question. What advice would you give to people today?

HAULIE: There is nothing achieved in life without working hard, no matter what it is. Unless you win the Lotto. Everybody who got to be anyone, whether a top sports star, top CEO, it was hard work, nothing else. Be it study, be it in school, be it in life, your family, your home, your dog, your horse. Every single thing in life takes work.

Harry: Thank you very much for the interview.

Michael Collins – Art Project

Medal Winners

Fr. Fergus entertains Rang 2

JEP – Dragon’s Den

Updated Calendar for 22/23 with Swimming

Senior Infants Spring Into Summer

Senior Infants have been busy bees getting ready for World Bee Day on May 20th. They also wrote step-by-step guides to making a cheese sandwich. They enjoyed making the sandwiches and enjoyed eating them outside! 

Bike Week

Bike Week – Cycling On Wednesday  

On Wednesday the 18th of May some of the Boys from Scoil Na mBuachaillí cycled from Supervalu to School. About 40 Boys Joined in. Ms Mcauley and Ms Fitzmaurice and a few parents came with us. There were a few more schools that joined in on the cycle. We cycled through town and then down by Spillers Lane. It was really fun and we enjoyed cycling. On Tuesday Ulick O’Bryne gave every class a workshop on bike riding and safety. 

By Rohan And Josh 5th B

Fun in Ms. Róisín O’Brien’s Class

Global Classrooms

6th class  Prototype Zoom with Dubai

By Cullen Kearns

On the 10th of May 6th class had a zoom with Dubai where we showed our prototypes we have been working hard on to them. There were seven prototypes. All products we created using the principles of design methology to create product reusing waste or products that do not create waste. The Prototypes are: The M.O.M, Seaweed Pellets, Plastigini, Net Were, Rent a Brella, Site Recycle and B.C.D.  We had a vote to see which two prototypes would win and the prototypes that won were THE M.O.M and B.C.D.

The M.O.M is an acronym that stands for Metal. Organization. Machine The function of THE M.O.M would be to organize metal so children in poorer countries wouldn’t have to sift through metal.  B.C.D is an acronym that stands for Beach Cleaning Device.  B.C.D would be used to rid beaches of rubbish. The aim of Seaweed pellets would be to feed cows seaweed instead of grass to lower their carbon footprint. The aim of Plastigini would be to reuse discarded plastic and make it into cars. The aim of Net Were would be to reuse netting from firewood to make clothing. The aim of Rent a Brella is if you’re in Ireland and it starts to rain you can get an umbrella from this handy vending machine. The aim  of Site Recycle would be to have a designated spot to put debris on a building site.

The M.O.M and the B.C.D were voted by the class to represent our school in an international event on June 17th with countries from all over the world who have taken part in the same Global Classroom project to create prototypes with the least amount of waste in the production. We will be having a Zoom Call with our partner school in Dubai soon to see all their prototypes created. We look forward to seeing their prototypes.

Parent’s Association buys ice cream for First Holy Communion children

Many thanks to the Parent’s Association for sponsoring ice cream for the children in Rang 2 recently.

Lego Construction in Rang 2/3

RNLI visits SNB

Thanks to Mrs. Marie Hayes for arranging for the RNLI to come to visit SnB recently.

By Cillian Ahern Rang 4

On Thursday 12th May everyone in the school got a water safety talk from speakers from the RNLI. We learned loads about how to keep safe in the water.

We learned that when you are having a walk with your dog and if is swims into the water, do not swim after it. Call the lifeguard and they will come in a boat. They will be able to bring your dog back safely to shore. They won’t give out to you but might say good job for calling them.

Another thing we learned was when you fall into the water and you want help do not wave at them because they might think you are saying hi and wave back. Instead the right thing to do is to put your fist in the air. If no one comes you need to relax and lay like a star fish in the water. If you can swim well then you can swim to shore.

Most importantly, please stay safe in the water, never go out to sea in a lie-low and only swim in the water if you have someone you know watching you.

Swim safe everyone! 

Games Workshop in Rang 4

Thank you to Ms. Carol O’Boyle for organising the Games Workshop in Rang 4 recently.

Class photo – First Holy Communion

Many thanks to Maja Pulczynska for taking the class photograph on the day of the first Holy Communion.

Macbeth Tickets – Nearly gone!

Adults tickets cost €10 and children’s tickets cost €6.

331 tickets are now sold for Macbeth.
There are 3 left for Tuesday,
9 for Wednesday and
7 for Thursday.

How to book tickets (under review at present – I’ll finish it as soon as I have worked out the best way to book via Aladdin Payments).

  1. Go to Aladdin.
  2. Choose the night you want.
  3. Choose whether you want to book for Adult or Child.
  4. Pay for your tickets on the Aladdin payment app.
  5. Email the school straight away after paying, and let us know which seats you would like to book. The seating plan is on Aladdin. In the email specify the seats you want e.g A5 and A6. If they are not available we will give you seats as close to there as we can.
  6. Remember: if you order more tickets you must always let the school know by email, as we may not notice it.

Best Friends

More Athletics photos (Rang 2/3)