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Happy Easter Holidays to you all.

Interviews are now taking place for Lighting Crew, Backstage, Front of House etc See below for results of interviews.

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Dates for your Diary

Basketball is on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school until 4.00 p.m.

Scoilavision Practices will start after Easter on Mondays and Wednedays after school until 4.00 / 4.20 p.m.. Bands will be given individual times and days.

31st of March 2023: The children get their Easter Holidays @ 12.00 p.m.

3rd – 14th of April 2023: Easter Holidays.

Monday April 24th : Scoil na mBuachaillí & Knockskeagh N.S. Confirmation in Clonakilty Church. All the Confirmations are at 10.30am.

1st of May 2023: School closed, Bank Holiday.

Saturday 6th of May, 2023: First Holy Communion date @ 10.30 a.m. in the parish church.

15th of May 2023: School closed, holiday.

18th of May 2023 @ 7.00 p.m.: 100 Voices

5th & 6th of June 2023: School closed.

21st and 22nd of June 2023: Proposed dates for Scoilavision 2023.

Sixth class party: to be decided

School Tours:
* Ms. Gillian Galvins’ class / Mr. Paul Carmody & Ms. Michelle O’Neill’s class 
are going on school tour on Thursday May 25th to the Treehouse in Skibbereen. The total cost for each child is €15.
Juniors A and Juniors B school tour for May 24th. Top of the Rock Drimoleague. €21 (€10 for entry fee and €11 for the bus.)
Rang 1 and Rang 1/2 school tour on Thursday 15th of June.  Smuggler’s Cove Rosscarbery. Total price including bus and ice cream is €30.
* Rang 2/3 class and Rang 3 will be going to West Cork Secret on May 19th. To help parents with the cost of the tour – children will start saving stamps next week.
Rang 4: Thursday May 25th.  Zip-IT Farran. Leaving at 9.00 a.m.  The boys are using saving stamps to help pay for the tour.
* Kayaking: in May for Rang 5. 25th and 26th of May
* Surfing: in May for Rang 6. Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday 10th, Tuesday 16th & Tuesday 23rd (Surfing begins at 12:30 and collection at 2:45 from the Surf School.  Price remains the same at €20 per lesson.)

Orienteering – What a Day!

5th class went to to Tramore Valley Park on Friday 24/03. It wa a bright sunny day when we got on the bus. It took 1 hour to get there. Ms. Fitzmaurice gave us SI cards and told us which way was North. Then the instructor put us in our line and we were waiting for our turn. Then out of nowhere it started to pur hailstones and became very windy. It was dangerously cold. It was so bad some people had to go back to the bus . We kept going and managed to run the course. It was a very tricky course with 12 points hidden areound Tramore Valley Park. The points got harder as we went on. The conditions made it very ahrd to run. Everybody was wet and frozen. On the way back to schol on the bus Ms. Fitzmaurice bought us ice cream. We were very tired. Overall 5th class did very well and as a team we came 2nd winning Cork Championship silver medals. Well done everybody!

 By Matthew Kingston and Wallace Chen

Today might as well have been the worst day for orienteering ever. We left school at 09:20 on the 24th of March. We were heading straight for Tramore Valley Park in Cork City. Once we got there, we quickly got a bite of food and we headed straight for the course. Unfortunately, once we got to the start it started pouring rain and hailstones. Everyone started one minute after each other. Matthew and Wallace were at the back of the line so we, like many other people had to suffer through all the bad weather before we could begin. After a while it was time to start. We got our maps and our SI cards and we began. The sixth-class course was harder than the fifth-class course by including a few extra points to find. The hardest thing about the course was definitely the rain and hail that was making the grass wet and many people couldn’t run, but even it is wet, some people were still trying as hard as they can to do their best to get the fastest time to win the medal for their team. After we started, we opened the map checked where is north. Then we we find the points, we check if that is the number on the map and when we confirm that it is the same number, we put the SI card in the point and when you hear the beep, that means that the SI card worked. Unfortunately, Olan and Malachy’s SI card didn’t beep after they put it in, we think it is because of the weather making the SI card malfunction. After we were done all 15 points, we go to the finish point and put the SI card in to the finish and give the SI card to the person that is collecting them. After you’re give back the SI card, you go back to the bus and change your wet clothes to dry clothes. After that, we go eat our lunch. When everyone is done, we are heading back to school, when we are nearly there, Ms Fitzmaurice even buys ice-cream for us. In the placement, Matthew Kingston came first over all, and our team got 3rd, and Matthew Kingston came first in the sixth class event. The top four of our team are Matthew, Ben, Charlie O’Sullivan and Wallace, so we are getting bronze medals. We would like to say thank you to Ms Fitzmaurice, Ms O’Keeffe and Teresa for helping us for orienteering.

Grandparents Day A Celebration of Grandparents Everywhere!

The Boys from 1 st and 3 rd class completed projects on their much loved Grandparents.
An invitation was sent out to all Grandparents to attend a presentation by the boys in the hall here in school. The boys presented projects, sang songs, recited poetry and asked the Grandparents about school in the past. Ms O’ Shea was busy the day before baking cookies for the Grandparents to enjoy with a cup of Tea afterwards in the hall.
The boy’s spoke with great confidence and the Grandparents were so proud and happy to share this lovely event together with all the boys form 1st and 3rd class. Huge thanks to Noreen for helping with the event, Ms Fitzmaurice, Ms O’ Shea, Ms Mc Carthy and Ms O’Regan who all helped to make this event a wonderful and memorable one!

4th Class Easter Hunt

The hunt was on in 4th Class today. It took a combined team effort to first solve the clues in order to find the next clues which led to Easter Eggs for the whole class. Can you solve them too.

Rang 6 with OT Karyn

Waiting for the new playground patiently

Scoilavision Interviews – Results

Rohan O’Donoghue and Eoin O’Sullivan have been appointed as IT/Video Managers

Jack Allen and Morgan Cregan have been appointed as Sound Crew Managers. Colin O’Reilly has been appointed as Assistant Sound Crew Manager. The Sound Crew members are Liam McCarthy, JJ O’Donnell, Oliver Hassett, Rian Kelleher, Ruarí O’Donnell, Finn McCarthy and Bobby Fitzgerald.

Joseph Cahalane, Matthew Afonso, Malachy Lyons, Ben O’Regan and Nicholas O’Sullivan were appointed as this year’s Producers for Scoilavision 2023.

Gavin O’Brien, Jim Darren La Madrid and Evan Grimes were appointed as our Graphic Designers.

Evan White, Harry Lyons, DJ O’Sullivan and Josh Wedlock have been appointed as Presenters.

Cillian Whooley, Luka Bosnaj, Fionn McCarthy, Tom Antoine, Tomás Lowery, Adrian McCarthy Keohane, Kevin O’Brien and Jacob Gallwey have been appointed as Judges.

1st class working with our OT Karyn

2nd/3rd class enjoying our brand new iPads

Junior Entrepreneur Update

5th Classes’ first batch of glass art fresh from the kiln today. What amazing creativity for their first effort. Much more to come; watch this space…

Treasure Hunt in Rang 3

Third class had a great time during their Easter treasure hunt. Each team had to solve  clues in both Irish and English to find five pieces of code which led them to the treasure. Well done third class!

Daffodil Day 

Over €1000 has been raised so far for Daffodil Day. We have extended the time for donations as we only recently held a collection for the Turkey / Syria Earthquake Victims. Many thanks for your support. Please also see below Rang 7 enjoyed Daffodil Day by creating their own personalised daffodils!

Glass art in 5th/6th Class

The boys in 5th/6th have been busy this week making glass art pieces. This is all part of the work going into Junior Entrepreneur this year, led by Ms. Carol Ann O’Donovan in 5th class. Updates to follow after they come out of the kiln!

Chess Teams have great success in Enniskeane

160 pupils from Inishannon to Eyries attended the finals in Enniskeane yesterday (Wednesday 22nd of March). All the teams had quailified from the groups so the competition was high. We had 4 teams in the competition who had qualified – 1 Budding Master’s team and 3 Masters teams.

The boys were accompanied by Ms. Carol O’Boyle and Ms. O’Keeffe. In the end we were delighted with the results:

Budding Masters Competition:
SnB’s team came 1st.

Masters Competiton
SnB’s A team came 1st
SnB’s B team came 2nd
SnB’s C team came 4th.

Many thanks to Ms. Niamh Mac Auley, Ms. Gillian Galvin, Ms. Laura Connolly and Mr. David Lynch for staying behind after school since October to help out with our Chess Club.

‘Sing Choir Snb’ –  100 Voices Concert –  A Celebration of Positivity through Music and the Arts

This year we have decided to run a choir with the boys from 1st 2/3rd 3rd and 4th Classes.

This Choir Project began back in 2019 with Mrs. Marie Hayes and Ms. Karen O’ Regan they felt it was such a fantastic experience for all involved it was one that needed to be repeated!

Bringing together one hundred voices is a powerful thing and an experience allowing every voice to count!

We will by the end of term 2 we will have completed a wonderful program of songs.

All the songs chosen have running themes of Love & Joy, Bravery & friendship, Appreciation, resilience and self belief. This Concert is a Celebration of Positivity through Music and the Arts , after recent times is now so important we promote a feeling of well being and no better way to instil this than through music Art and Drama and Dance.

We are honoured to have a brand new Song written by Mr Barth Harrington  entitled – “Without Music Life Would B Flat” this  upbeat  tune fits perfectly into our theme of songs , and we are so excited to perform this song with the help of some talented brothers from Snb! The B- Flats!

The boys will have a Performance concert on Thursday May 18th at Scoil na mBuachaillí in our state of the art Hall with full sound and lighting to enhance this experience.

Thanks to the boys in the sound and lighting crews who are working so hard with the team to make this night a memorable one.

With the amazing artistic talents of Ms Kathyn O’Shea and Ms. Áine Mc Carthy , we will be hosting an Art Exhibition prior to the Concert. All songs have been interpreted through the Boys own original Art with the creative encouragement of their teachers.

We are so lucky to have the skilled and creative minds of Finbarr O’Connor, Mrs. Sam Aerts and Ms. Niamh Whelton who are helping to create a wonderful stage for these 100 voices to shine from

They are also helping to display all the Art for the Exhibition on the night .

Mrs. Elaine Connolly and Ms. Laura Connolly have been guiding the boys not only musically but through dance and mime to allow the boys to use movement and dance in a number of the performances on the night.

We are very proud to be signing one of our songs  “A Million Dreams”  using Lámh  with the help of Ms. Gillian Galvin, Mrs. Claire Kavanagh and Eilish McSweeney, a fundamental Signing method being actively used here in Snb!

On the performance night the boys will be accompanied by a live band, with Staff members, Mr Harrington, Ms Josie Files -who we are so delighted to have returning to us at Scoil na mBuachaillí, to accompany the choir on piano.

Mr. David Lynch, Mr. Paul Carmody  Ms Caoimhe Hennessy  and the talented pupils from 4th 5th and 6th with add rhythm on Acoustic ,Electric and Bass Guitars. Tadhg will keep us up to beat with his magic ability on the drums!

Parents both past and present Margaret Deegan and  Anne Mc Carthy , will play Flute and Violin. What an amazing combination of talents!

We are making fantastic progress, and this is thanks to a wonderful team of Teachers Staff and Pupils. This will be an amazing night of Music Art movement and Fun. One not to be missed!

Tickets go on sale after Easter Break, keep an eye out on Aladdin .

Spring in Juniors A

Junior Infants are exploring all thing ‘Spring’ at the moment. We are singing Spring songs, looking out for signs of Spring outside and enjoying some Spring Aistear activities.

Planting in Rang 3

Third Class have been very busy doing a little spring gardening. They planted cress and cat grass in potatoes and have been keeping a close eye on whose potato head has the longest ‘hair’! They’re also been taking turns watering them daily to ensure optimum growth.

Mother’s Day in Rang 1/2 & Rang 3

Third Class made some beautiful glass ornaments for Mother’s Day. They helped prepare the glass before assembling their pieces and they were super-proud of their creations!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Clonakilty

Many thanks to Ms. Orla O’Keeffe for organising the Parade again this year. Thanks to all the children who attended and their parents. Thanks to Mrs. Elaine Connolly, Mrs. Marie Forristal, Ms. Kathyrn O’Shea, Mr. Seán Daly, Mr. Paul Carmody, Mr. David Lynch for helping out on the day.