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Happy New Year

Admission Notice for 2022/2023

Dear Parents we are now taking applications for Junior Infants and other classes for 2022/2023. Please click on this link to see our Admission Notice and click here to order an Admission (Enrolment) form. Please click here to view our new Brochure for 2022.

Dates for your Diary

  • Enrolling for next year (2022/2023): is currently underway. Please see above.
  • February Mid-Term Break: 24th and 25th.
  • St. Patrick’s Day and ..: Wednesday 17th March and Friday the 18th of March
  • Easter Holidays: Friday 8th of April at 12.00 p.m.. Return Monday 25th of April.
  • School Closed: Monday 2nd of May.
  • Communion: Saturday 7th of May, 2022 @ 11.00 a.m.
  • School Closed: Monday 16th of May.
  • School Closed: Friday 3rd and Monday 6th of June.
  • Summer Musical: 15th, 16th and 17th of June or the following week.
  • Summer Holidays: Tuesday 28th June @ 12.00 p.m.
  • Sixth Class Party: to be decided.

Below you can see the most up to date calendar with the swimming changes included also.

Fees for 2022

  • Milk: if you want your child to get milk from January to Easter, please go to Aladdin and pay for the second term. Milk starts on Monday 10th of January. The price is €10.80.
  • Rental Scheme: if you haven’t paid for this yet, please do so now. It’s €30 for Classes 1st – 6th.
  • Photocopying Fee: if you haven’t paid for this yet, please do so now. It’s €20 for all classes – including Special Classes.
  • Art and Craft: if you haven’t paid for this yet, please do so now. It’s €12 for all classes – including Special Classes.
  • French: if you haven’t paid for this yet, please do so now. It’s €8 for classes Rang 2 – Rang 6 for each term.
  • Elocution: for all classes Juniors – Rang 6. €7.50 in total. Many parents have paid already for this. Don’t worry, you can’t pay twice.

Ms. Hodnett’s class are baking this week

Cillian’s Guinea Pig comes to SnB

Cillian brought his pet guinea pig into visit us! His name is Elvis.

Space Telescopes in Rang 4

Lego Time

As Engineers week is coming in March we decided to dust of the Lego boxes and start getting them ready. Kevin Oforji, Paulos White, Ethan Mc Auliffe Ahern and Paddy Kavanagh are the Lego Boys for this year. They are in charge of the Lego with Ms. Fitzmaurice. They are also hoping to make a stop motion movie with Lego so watch this space.
We will keep you posted on all the things we create for Engineers week.

Macbeth – The Musical – rehearsals

The final date for applications for Macbeth positions – e.g. Producer, backstage etc is Friday 14th of January @ 12.30 p.m. No applications will be taken after than, unless in the case of illness.

Rehearsals of the songs start on Monday 17th of January.

Below you can see the stack of Applications for this year’s musical and the Witches from 2016

Stay Safe

The Stay Safe Programme is starting in January in the following classes: Senior Infants (all), Rang 2, Rang 4 and Rang 6.

Please click here to view the explanation note about the programme and links to the website containing further information.

Enrolment | Community College dates

February 2022Message from Community College 17/01/2022
As you know we had planned for incoming first year assessment towards the end of January. Unfortunately, that is not likely now in the current climate. We are therefore postponing this assessment until later in the year when it is safer to do so. We will be in contact with you when COVID restrictions and Department guidelines allow us to do so.

Adverts – Emmet Hotel and Batemans Footwear

Facts of the Month

by Finn McCarthy Rang 5
1/ The opposite sides of a dice always add up to seven.
2/ A jar of Nutella sells every 2.5 seconds. 3/ The average person spends 2.5 weeks of their lives waiting at traffic lights. 4/ All babies are born with blue eyes. 5/ Cows can walk upstairs but not downstairs.
6/ AB negative is the rarest blood type. 7/ Dinosaur fossils have been found on all seven continents.

By Josh Wedlock, Rang 5 1 There are ice caves in Iceland that have hot springs. 
2 The wind is silent until it blows against something. 
3 The Olympics used to award gold medals for art. 
4 Walt Disney started sketching properly from the age of 4.
5 The world’s longest French fry is 34 inches long. 
6 Strawberries are the only fruit that bear seeds on the outside. 

Floating and Sinking Experiments in Rang 1

These are the first class boys enjoying floating and sinking experiments. They are testing objects from the classroom to see if they will float or sink. 

Water bottle station – Green Schools

Green News – Water Refill Station 
Harry Ellis Green Schools Committee
In early 2020 6th class and the Green Schools Committee submitted an application
to the schools drinking water refill station competition funded by Cork County
Council’s environmental awareness office .
We are one of the 15 schools to be awarded with a water refill station.  As a
winning school we will receive a free water refill station at a total prize value of
approximately €1,500 . This is a contactless machine, it is operated by a sensor
which recognises when a bottle is placed underneath whilst also counting the
number of refills This will help our school reduce the use of single use plastic
bottles in our classrooms. We look forward to using it with our reusable water

Last day of Chess for 5A and 1st half of Rang 4

Many thanks to Ms. Gillian Galvin and Ms. Niamh Mac Auley for teaching the boys chess throughout the year. Rang 4 (1st half) will continue their league at break time until Easter.

Gentleman, Lift Off Boy & PenMan of the Month

Global Classroom Workshop in Rang 6

Adverts: Old Brewery Montessori School & Clonakilty Park Cinema


If you would like to book an ad for the coming school year 2021 – 2022 please let Noreen know as soon as possible.  The number of ads is limited.  Our Links goes to all parents in the school – 10 times a year – at the beginning of each month. Now due to the fact that it’s online many more people will view the Links. The cost is €20 per issue or at a discount of €150 for the entire year!  Please ring 8834487 if you are interested.

“Cent” Box – Thorntree Project

“Cent” boxes will continue this year in a different format due to Covid-19.
Rang 5 A (Ms. Marguerite Bradshaw) and 5 B (Mr. Seán Daly) will be in charge of this and will inform you later of how it will be organised. We have been assisting the Thorntree Project since 2015, when we release a Christmas single “Butterfly Child”. Please support this worthy cause, when asked to do so.

Nut Allergy – IMPORTANT!

Quite a significant number of boys in our school are allergic to nuts and for them any contact with nuts or products containing traces of nuts can be dangerous for example NUTELLA or Peanut Butter!!!!
Please be aware of this when organising your child’s lunch and DO NOT allow your child to bring anything containing nuts to school. Your help in this matter is very much appreciated.

Please give your children water to drink coming to school – not sweet or fizzy drinks.

Contact Numbers

If you have moved, changed phone/mobile numbers or changed doctor or emergency contact person or got a new email address – please update these details on the Aladdin App yourself so that we can contact you in case of emergency. You can do this yourself, there is no need to ring in, just change it on the App and we will be notified automatically.

We will no longer be sending texts to parents – we will just use the Aladdin app.

Recycling – Green Waste

Over the past few years we have tried – in vain – to recycle our Green Waste and unfortunately it hasn’t worked out, probably because the only waste was fruit.
The Recycling bins have being attracting visitors that we don’t want! Because of this we are asking boys to bring home their apple cores, banana skins (organic waste) etc from now on.

Tin foil and uneaten lunches will be brought home also. Many thanks for your cooperation.

Can Can-Paign

All cans gratefully received. Please contact Ms. Regina Fitzmaurice if you have any query re. this matter. Many thanks to Ms. Fitzmaurice.
She and 6th class will also look after the school garden and glasshouse. The money that is collected by this scheme is used in the school garden.
Thanks to Ehan and Ahmadi for looking after the cans this coming year.

What’s going on? … in school and extra-curricular activities.

Basketball 21/22: Basketball training is on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the end of September / early October. Thanks to Ms. Carol Anne O’Donovan / Seán Daly / Paul Carmody for assisting again with Basketball this year. This year it have to be run as last year – Tuesday will be for Rang 5 / Thursday will be for Rang 6.

Quizzard ‘21/22: will start in November. Classes from Rang 3 – Rang 6 will be participating. Last year we only managed to do a few rounds, outside in the yard but we are hoping to complete it in the coming year. Cillian Whooley and Pearse Nolan are in charge of the Quiz this year.

Chess: started in September. Boys in Rang 4, Rang 5 and Rang 6 may participate. It will run on Tuesdays and Wednesday after school. We hope to start before the end of September and end before Easter.
Thanks to Ms. Niamh Mac Auley for her help with the players. Thanks to Ms. Gillian Galvin for her help with the Learners Chess Club.

Soccer Competitions

Senior Infants Soccer
Held on Fridays only
Rang 1
Held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Teams are on website.
Rang 2
Held on Mondays / Wednesday – depending on what team you are on. Teams are on the website.
Rang 2/3
Held on Mondays. Teams are on website.
Rang 4
Held on Tuesdays. Teams are on website.
Rang 5
Held on Wednesdays. Teams are on website.
Rang 6
Held on Thursdays. Teams are on website.

Multi-Media Authoring / Video Editing / Computer Lessons / Coderdojo – for Rang 2, Rang 3, Rang 4, Rang 5 and Rang 6 will hopefully start this year. Thanks to Mrs. Margaret Deegan for hopefully teaching Coder Dojo to Rang 2 each week.

Swimming: for Rang2 – started on 15th of October and will run until the 3rd of December.

Wardens – every year Rang 6 act as School Wardens. The scheme is up and running. Thanks to our team of SET teachers who have taken over from Mr. O’Driscoll. Thanks also to Chris Hinchy for his help again this year.

GAA – Conan O’Donovan on Wednesdays.
Rugby – Finbarr O’Mahony on Fridays. Finbarr is starting on September 3rd until the October break.

Sciath na Scol Competitions – we’re not sure what’s going to happen with Sciath na Scol this year. We’ll let you know as soon as we know.

P.E. / Soccer Timetable

Junior Infants (Mrs. Marie Forristal)Not applicableMondays and Thursdays
Senior Infants (Ms. Gillian Galvin)FridaysWednesdays and Fridays
Senior Infants / Rang 1 (Ms. Michelle O’Neill)Fridays for Seniors
Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1st
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Rang 1 (Ms. Kathryn O’Shea / Ms. Karen O’ReganTuesdays and ThursdaysTuesdays and Fridays
Rang 2 (Mr. Paul Carmody)Mondays and WednesdaysMondays and Thursdays
Rang 2 / 3 (Ms. Carol Ann O’Donovan / Ms. Laura Connolly)MondaysMondays and Fridays
Rang 4 (Mrs. Marie Hayes)TuesdaysTuesdays & Wednesdays
Rang 5 A (Ms. Marguerite Bradshaw)WednesdaysTuesdays and Wednesdays
Rang 5 B (Mr. Seán Daly)WednesdaysMondays and Fridays
Rang 6 (Ms. Niamh Mac Auley)ThursdaysTuesdays and Thursdays
This timetable may be updated in September 2021

Roots of Empathy

Roots of Empathy is an international, universal,  evidence-based, classroom programme that has shown dramatic effect in reducing aggression among school children while raising social/emotional competence and increasing empathy. Barnardos was chosen as the lead agency to deliver the programme in Ireland in 2011.
The programme has been delivered in a hundred and thirty primary schools around Ireland with a small number of schools in Cork and Waterford already participating. As a result of support from the Tomar Trust, Barnardos is now in a position to roll out the programme in West Cork & Waterford schools. They are currently developing a three year plan to involve schools in Cork and Waterford in the Roots of Empathy programme. We have been chosen as one of the West Cork Schools and will be implementing the programme this coming year. Please note Covid-19 may change these plans.

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