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Space Week Rang 1

Science Week

Science Fair in Rang 4

The Science Fair by Wiktor Firek and Ben Eady both age 10

Fourth class hosted a Science Fair for Science Week. We invited Senior Infants to come and see our experiments. There were an exciting line up of experiments and it was enjoyed by all.

Séimí Forristal, Max O’Keefe and Darragh Clarke did an experiment where the drove wind up cars on different surfaces wood, sandpaper, cloth and bubble wrap the bubble wrap did pretty bad the wood did excellent the sandpaper did well and on the cloth it didn’t even move.

Harry Lyons, J.J O’Donell and Jack Rea did the colourful volcano experiment they put vinegar into a jar and washing up liquid and some food colouring, stir for 1 minute and then add baking soda and it gives you like a foam explosion.

Wiktor Firek, Seán Kennedy and Tomás Lowery did an experiment where they put vinegar in a bottle and baking soda into a balloon and put the balloon onto the bottle and it poured into the bottle and it blew up the balloon.

Ben Eady and D.J O Sullivan, Ben did will it pop it needed a balloon water and a pencil it did not pop it was very exciting then D.J did the balloon tube he used washing up liquid and a needle, he put the needle in the washing up liquid and put it through the balloon it did not pop it was very exciting.

Daniel Dempsey, Francesco Bakaj, Kieran Gannon, Rhys Finn and Ewan Brooks Griffin did the skittles experiment first they got a plate and then they put the skittles in a circle on the plate and then they got a spoon and a bowl and put water on the plate and they waited 30 seconds to a minute and then the colour came off the skittles and made a rainbow.

James McCarthy, Kevin O’Brien, Aaron Nash and Cillian O’Mahony did the lava lamp experiment first you need a bottle then put water to a quarter of the bottle the but red food colouring and then put sunflower oil in the bottle and put an everson tablet in and it will make a lava lamp.

Louis Kitaguwa, Logan Farell Kelleher and Pavlo Martovytski did an experiment where they drew something put it on a plate with water and after some time the drawing floated on to the water and it was very cool.

Science Week in Rang 4/5

Science Week in Rang 3

We had great entertainment in 3rd Class on Wednesday evening where the boys took part in creating their very own Rocket Launch for Science Week. The boys worked very well in their groups to set up the experiment which consisted of getting a piece of string through a straw before strapping the balloon onto the straw and getting ready for take off! The boys had great fun and enjoyed their afternoon. 

Science Week in Rang 2

Rang 2 – Experiments


Forest TripsWoodland Warriors in Rang1

Building Bridges

Tree Day in SnB


Rang 5/6 Magnetism Experiments


Floating and Sinking Experiments in Rang 1

Science experiment based off our story of the week ‘Puffling and The Egg”


School Garden

Boys in Rang 5 cleaning up the garden during their break time.
The boys in Junior Infants are working with Susan planting.

National Spring Clean Day

Global Classroom in Rang 6

Water Refiller

Green School’s Committee for 22/23

Green Dragon Can Recyling




Engineering Week

Trying to figure out the Rubix Cube

Lego time in Rang 2/3

Rang 5 are doing circuits

Lego time in Junior Infants

Lighthouses in Rang 5 B


Maths Week throughout the school

Maths Hunt in 4th Class for Links

Helpful at a Maths Lesson in 1st class-5th and 6th Class Boys! 

Rang 5A are learning about Length

Rang 1 are learning about money


Green School’s Presentation

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