Discover Maths, Science & Engineering Award 2023




Space Week Rang 1

Science Week

The boys in Senior Infants have been busy doing experiments for Science week. 

Rang 7 were very busy this week with experiments. We separated rainbow milk, built rafts, watched as worms expanded and made some toast!

Rang 3: Experiment on how toothpaste protects the enamel on our teeth and a STEM investigation project on floating and sinking 


Forest Trips

Tree Day in SnB


Rang 4 studying & making Space Telescopes


Floating and Sinking Experiments in Rang 1

Science experiment based off our story of the week ‘Puffling and The Egg”


National Spring Clean Day

Global Classroom in Rang 6

Water Refiller

Green School’s Committee for 22/23



Engineering Week in Senior Infants

Engineer’s Week in Rang 5B

Lego time in Rang 2/3

Rang 5 are doing circuits

Lego time in Junior Infants

Lighthouses in Rang 5 B


Maths Week throughout the school

The boys in Junior Infants enjoyed some maths stations this week focussing in on 2D shapes. We played shape snap, made shape pictures and patterns. Thanks to the 5th class boys for helping us! 

5th & 6th class getting ready for next week’s Maths Week playing Times Tables Rock Stars! 

Last week was maths week in 5th.

Firstly, we did Timetables Rock Stars on the computers in the hall. We found out how to do a multiplayer on TT rock stars. We got to do Jamming, which is where you select what tables you want to use, and it will randomly select what sums out of the selected tables it will give you

After that we made tangrams. Then we made abstract art using the tangram pieces. After that we played different maths boardgames.

Then on Thursday we did a maths trail. Firstly, we went to the path next to the car park. We were asked different questions about the cars. E.g.,“What is the cars registration number “and” How many wheels in total are in the carpark? Then we went to the bug hotel and figured out what was used to make the bug hotel. Then we went to the soccer and basketball pitch and tried to spot different lines, angles, and shapes. E.g., diagonal lines, trapezium, hexagon. Overall, we had a wonderful week for maths week.

We had a very maths week in 6th Class! We have been learning about lines and angles this week and after practising drawing & measuring angles with the protractor, the boys worked on figuring out  all the angles in their own names!

We were also learning about data this week; why we use data, how we interpret data and how to represent data on graphs. As it’s Halloween we decided to take a ‘Spooky’ survey of the schools favourite Halloween movie. The boys worked in groups to collect the data from the classes, discussed the data and information they collected and together represented this data on bar charts. 

During the week we also popped down to the hall a few times to play ‘Maths Rockstars’ on the laptops, where the boys had great fun playing the games all while practising their tables!