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Space Week Rang 1

Science Week

The boys in Senior Infants have been busy doing experiments for Science week. 

Rang 7 were very busy this week with experiments. We separated rainbow milk, built rafts, watched as worms expanded and made some toast!

Rang 3: Experiment on how toothpaste protects the enamel on our teeth and a STEM investigation project on floating and sinking 


Forest Trips

Building Bridges

Tree Day in SnB


Rang 5/6 Magnetism Experiments


Floating and Sinking Experiments in Rang 1

Science experiment based off our story of the week ‘Puffling and The Egg”


School Garden – Gathering the Leaves

In the school garden we have been very busy gathering all the leaves which had fallen on the ground over Autumn. Many of the boys gave up their lunch break to gather the leaves. This week we are all delighted they are gathered up as they would have been very slippy in the frost.

All the leaves are in a big compost heap at the top of the pitch. Hopefully in the Summer or next year we will be able to use the compost in our garden.

Well done boys and keep up the good work!

Gardening team who gathered the leaves – Dylan Walsh, Evan Mc Auliffe Aherne, Ethan Kingston, Jack Daly, Niall Harrington  Khaled Ghafarji, James Mc Carthy, Noah Leahy.

National Spring Clean Day

Global Classroom in Rang 6

Water Refiller

Green School’s Committee for 22/23

Green Dragon Can Recyling

 Colin O’Reilly –Aged 11

Recently Scoil na mBuachaillí has gathered a total amount of 76 Bags of cans. This is a huge milestone for us in Scoil na mBuachaillí as we are trying as hard as we can to get enough cans to raise enough money for our garden. We are trying to make our town (Cloich na Coillte better known as Clonakilty) a better environment and a more hard working environment and generally a better environment for nature. Scoil na mBuachaillí has tried many things to make everyone live in a better environment. Green dragon recycling is a very useful recycling company.


Green Dragon Recycling limited was founded in Tuesday the 22Nd of May 1990.

It has 2 shareholders.

Their current address is Cork.



Engineering Week

This week is Engineering Week and so they boys are solving problems by designing, building, reviewing and testing their creations. In light of the cake sale in aid of the horrendous earthquake in Turkey and Syria, we designed Earthquake Safe Towers. The boys worked well within their teams and came up with interesting designs using marshmallows and dried spaghetti. A quick shake of a table brought some crashing down, whilst others remained stable. Not all of the marshmallows survived this investigation!

The boys in 4th class undertook an investigation to find out how to protect a raw egg following a tragic incident involving their teacher’s lunch!

The aim of the exercise was to design, create and test a cushioned case for protecting an egg when dropped from a table. There was great teamwork on display here.

Take a look at their efforts.

1st/2nd Class building for Engineering Week

On Tuesday 1st and 2nd class looked at buildings and the structures of buildings to help them stand upright as part of Engineering Week. We had a competition to build the tallest, free standing tower. However, the only materials the boys had to build their towers were marshmallows and spaghetti! The boys did an excellent job and had great fun building!